Academic SIG Members to Present “Global and Local Issues in Technical Communication Instruction” at the 2011 International STC Summit this May in Sacramento

By Pam Estes Brewer

The Academic SIG Progress for Summit 2011 will take place on Wednesday, May 18, 8:30 to 9:30 am.  We will have seven excellent presentations, as both academics and practitioners address key areas of education and training for STC attendees. The following seven presentations are featured in the progression; attendees will have the opportunity at attend three of the seven presentations.

  • "Hands-on Research Courses and Distance Education Classes" presented by Michael Albers (East Carolina University)
  • "From Student Menu to Professional Technical Communication" presented by Valerie M. Ball (Oregon Institute of Technology)
  • "STC Profession Resources for Graduates of Technical Communication Programs" presented by Thomas Barker (Texas Tech University) and Craig Baehr (Texas Tech University)
  • ""Positively" Global:  Editing the Work of Multilingual Writers" presented by Tatiana Batova (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
  • "How Academics can Involve Practitioners in Educating Students" presented by Ann Jennings (University of Houston-Downtown)
  • "An Ethical Perspective on Teaching Across International and Intercultural Boundaries" presented by Daniel W. Voss (Lockheed Martin) and Sara Baca (University of Central Florida)
  • "Full-Time Technical Communicators as Part-Time Instructors:  Improving Professional Development Practices in the Tech Comm Classroom" presented by Dave Yeats (Sentier Strategic Resources)

Please join us at STC Summit 2011!