Partnership Pre-Conference Discussed in Intercom Article

The Academic SIG leadership team discusses the processes of putting together the Partnerships for Professionalism Pre-Conference workshop at last Fall's CPTSC conference in the January issue of Intercom,"STC Academic SIG Hosts Partnership Preconference at CPTSC".

The article includes the lessons learned by the Academic SIG as they developed their first ever-preconference, and the logistics of using a hybrid presentation format.

Bakke Webinar Follow-up and Slides

Dr. Ken Baake of Texas Tech University presented "The Rhetoric of Science and How Metaphor Constitutes Knowledge in Science" at our first co-hosted Webinar on 23 February 2012. The presentation had nearly 35 participants with lively participation and questions after the main presentation by Dr. Baake. In attendance were members from both the Academic and SciCom SIGs which included both industry and academic professionals.

Thanks very much to Dr. Baake, members of the Academic and SciCom SIG leadership, and to the participants who attended. We look forward to hosing the next event and welcome any comments or suggestions.

If you were not able to attend the session, you can still view the slides from the following link. Baake Presentation Slides