Status of the Academic SIG

The Academic SIG is now an STC Community of Interest. This is a group of people who share an interest and may want to share information and ask questions about that interest on a Slack channel.

If you would like to join the STC Academic SIG Slack channel, please join the STC Slack Workspace and the #sig-academic channel. For information on how to join, please visit STC's Slack page.

The mission of the Academic SIG remains the same. The STC Academic SIG is a community of educators, practitioners, and students. We mentor young professionals to become future leaders in the field of technical communication and support the exchange of knowledge between academia and industry.

Periodically members of the SIG whose names are on the membership list maintained by STC are being invited to join the Slack channel and the Facebook group, and to contact SIG facilitator Carolyn Luttrell to volunteer for any new initiatives in the Academic SIG. Both Carolyn and Ann Wiley are working with the IDL SIG to reach out to STC students.

This site is being updated as an archive of the work of the Academic SIG. Posts about past events have been saved as drafts, and out-of-date pages are being saved as drafts also. If you are looking for information about past SIG activities, or have other questions, please contact the Academic SIG Community of Interest leadership team.