SIG listserv

The purpose of the Academic COI discussion list is to promote active discussions regarding instructional design and learning between STC Academic COI members. General list information found at: . The Academic COI mailman lists are closed lists, meaning that you must post e-mail messages from a subscribed email address that is active in Mailman. Messages from email addresses not subscribed within the Academic SIG mailman list membership roster are automatically refused.  Once a quarter, STC members are invited to subscribe to the discussion list. Failure to use the embedded link from the email within the state time frame means you need to subscribe yourself at If you have recently joined the STC Academic COI, navigate to to subscribe.  The posting instructions and preference change links are located on that same page. You may also unsubscribe from this page as well as from using the link at the bottom of the email from [Academic-discuss]. To post or email the list, send an email message to from a subscribed email address. To submit a post, emails must be sent from list-subscribed email addresses (not a member’s work or personal email addresses that are not subscribed within the Mailman system) for the messages to be automatically approved by the server and sent on to the discussion list. While we use the members’ email on file with the STC, we can remove a subscribed email address from the list and have the STC member subscribe with a different email address from the listinfo page. List archives can be found at: and are also linked from the listinfo page.  List membership includes all active SIG members subscribed to the service. If you are having problems, please contact Beth Bailey