Jay R. Gould Award for Excellence in Teaching Technical Communication

The Jay R. Gould Award honors the distinguished teaching career of the late Professor Jay R. Gould, whose academic mentoring guided many into the technical communication profession.

To be eligible for the award, a nominee must have been a member of the Society for Technical Communication for at least ten years and must have been involved in post-secondary education for at least fifteen years.

Jay R. Gould Award Guidelines

Ken Rainey Award for Excellence in Research

This award honors the career of Ken Rainey, a Professor at Southern Polytechnic State University and an STC Fellow, by rewarding research that has made positive, significant contributions to technical communication practice and teaching.

One award is given each year to an STC member who has made a positive difference to practice or teaching in the field of technical communication by conducting a lifetime of quality research in the field or by completing a single high-quality empirical study or a set of related high-quality studies (longevity in the field is not a criterion for the second qualification). Specifically, the researcher must have accomplished the following:

  • Identified one or more problems of clear and compelling relevance to practitioners and/or academics.
  • Developed a quality research design, including an appropriate match between methods and the focus and purpose of the inquiry.
  • Relied upon sound methods for data collection and data analysis.
  • Applied appropriate measures to ensure ethical protection of the study’s participants.
  • Reported results in ways that have influenced or have promise to influence practice, theory, or teaching in the field.
  • Demonstrated positive impact on the field.

Ken Rainey Award Guidelines

Frank R. Smith Award

Technical Communication, the Society’s journal, publishes articles about the practical application of technical communication theory and serves as a common arena for discussion by practitioners. Technical Communication includes both quantitative and qualitative research while showcasing the work of some of the field’s most noteworthy writers.

The Frank R. Smith outstanding journal article award recognizes the authors of exceptional articles that appeared in Technical Communication during a calendar year. Since 1966, STC has paid tribute to the authors whose contributions have made Technical Communication one of the most highly respected journals devoted to the arts and sciences of technical communication.

Judges base their decisions on the article’s content and form. Content is judged on the degree to which it represents contributions to new knowledge, new perspectives, or practical communication applications or techniques. Form is judged by the degree to which it embodies effective and appropriate organization; apt language and correct grammar; relevant and meaningful tables and illustrations; and spirit of vibrancy, intensity, conviction, or enthusiasm in transmitting information.

Frank Smith Award guidelines